9 Indonesian Characteristic Mask Character Can Show Your Character

Not only is its natural beauty stunning, Indonesia also amazes the world with a variety of cultures and works of art. Mask is the oldest variety of expressions created by human civilization, which is rich in magical values. Here are 10 original Indonesian mask characters;

Panji Mask

Panji’s mask portrays a newborn baby to the world and figures from royal kings, as well as a mirror of sublimation authority and calm. In Javanese philosophy, Panji illustrates the philosophy of life and noble mind and submission to God. In Islamic Sufi, he is at the highest level of human position namely Insankamil, which is behavior that does not waver and realizes that every breath is from God.

Pamindo’s Mask

Pamindo’s mask is a picture of inferiority and friendship. The dance is subtle but stout. This mask is a picture of humans who are growing up and new to the world. His behavior was rushed, completely curious and men who were women. The philosophical meaning is that as humans we have to be self-aware at all times.

Tumenggung Mask

Tumenggung masks depict the figure of a leader who is protecting, guiding and overshadowing the people lovingly. So that anyone who is nearby feels prosperous, safe and secure. Tumenggung figure is depicted with a firm face, wide-eyed eyes and a mustache that increasingly shows his prowess. This figure of Tumenggung shows one’s maturity.

Wandering Mask

Kelana’s mask depicts someone who likes to wander and wander to find his true identity. Mask Kelana has a character full of dynamics and lust. The deep red color of the mask shows a haughty and cruel character, wide eyes, grinning mouth, mustache coiling, bearded and bearded. Kelana is portrayed as a handsome figure with a long nose, bulging eyes, open mouth, and hair.

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