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In these uncertain times, we hope you can take comfort in knowing that we’re doing everything we can to keep our communities safe and healthy. We’re all in this together, and we will get through this with extra vigilance and compassion. We’ll update you with the latest info as conditions evolve. We understand that anyone who relies on our products and services is concerned about the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and our ability to serve them. We’re monitoring the situation closely and are proactively working to keep everyone safe.

Here are some things we are doing to ensure you stay beautiful as well as completely safe & healthy:
  • Safety at 1st contact - We are conducting temperature checks for Staff across all our locations.
  • Precautions taken by our beauty experts - Our beauty experts are wearing masks & gloves at all times.
  • Sanitization process - Isoprpyl alcohol spray is used daily to clean the store, display units, testers, brushes & other consumables.
  • No touch policy - We shall not be conducting any makeovers for some time. Virtual swatching for all the products through QR code scanning at point of sales.
  • In store measures - Issue of safety kits with hand sanitizers, alcohol spray, tissues, cotton, Q-tips etc at the store to maintain hygiene & safety.

Safety measures at our manufacturing points
  • Colorbar works with the top manufacturing units in the world that follow rigorous safety measures.
  • All factories are fumigated to make the facility virus-free.
  • Mandatory for workers to get a temperature check, wear masks, body suit and gloves while they are at work.
  • Any working condition, including canteen and break areas which are potentially leading to a distance between people lesser than 1 meter, have been eliminated.
  • The measures also include safe use for packaging for seals and protects the product from external contamination.

Safety measures at transit & warehousing
  • All packages received at customs are thoroughly sanitized.
  • All warehouses where colorbar products are stocked are disinfected as per the advisory by WHO.
  • WHO guidelines are being followed at sea ports as well as air ports for all shipments that are being imported and stored in ports for clearance.

frequently asked questions frequently asked questions

We've continued to follow updates on COVID-19. Based on the latest guidance, to help do our part to slow the spread of the virus, we've made the decision to temporarily close our stores.

We are closely following announcements and updates around COVID-19, including direction from local authorities. We'll be sure to communicate information on our website. You can also subscribe to our emails for updates. When stores are reopened, we suggest calling the store before planning your next visit.

Yes! and other empaneled e-commerce website like Amazon, Nykaa, Myntra etc are available and ready to help you find what you need during this time.

We appreciate your patience with the shipping delays. With the impact of COVID-19, it may take longer than usual for your order to arrive. We are working to get orders out to you as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on your email for all order updates. We'll send an email to you as items in your order ship, or if there are updates on the status of your order.

Once your order is placed, we start working on it right away. You can contact our customer care with your request and we shall try our best to help you.

You can login to your account and cancel your order or contact our customer care.

Colorbar offers our customers an ’Easy return policy’, wherein you can raise a return/exchange request of a product within 15 days of its delivery.

We will issue a product exchange for any product that is returned in an unused, sellable and undamaged condition, in its original packaging. We only offer exchanges; we do not offer any refunds or store credit. All returned items must be accompanied with a copy of the original invoice. Returns can be made at any Company owned Store across India irrespective of the location of purchase. Please take your products along with the original invoice to the location of purchase. All gifts or promotional items received with your purchase must be returned with your order. All nail lacquers and accessories are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. All items bought on sale are final - we cannot offer any returns or exchanges on sale products. We will not exchange opened or used products. In the case of an extreme scenario please email or call our customer service team.

To help do our part to slow the spread, we have temporarily closed our stores. We've directed many employees to work from home if they're able and have paused all business travel. We're implementing increased cleaning and reminding our employees how to stay healthy. Where needed, we're directing employees to quarantine.

Our distribution and warehouses, as well as small teams of warehouse, remain open where permitted by local governments. This enables us to continue serving customers online. We appreciate their commitment to serving customers and are grateful for their dedication. We're continuing to pay close attention to safety and sanitation measures and will take steps to remain in alignment with those, including closing facilities where needed.

Yes you may avail of the service but the delivery shall only happen post services resuming and malls opening as we currently provide the services through our stores.

The health of our employees is a priority, and we take seriously the responsibility we have to create a safe work environment. We've put additional precautions in place, including additional cleaning, adjustments to allow for social distancing between employees and resources to help them stay healthy. If employees feel unwell, we are directing them to stay home and have implemented quarantining where appropriate. Given these steps, and guidance provided by local and national health experts, we feel confident our facilities continue to be safe workplaces for our people.

Sharing all the steps-

  • Our warehousing partners are duly taking utmost precautions while stocking and dispatching products for Colorbar, as stated in advisory by WHO.
  • Warehouses are opened and closed as per Government orders and no deviation is done to the advisory given by Indian Government.


  • Before starting the operations desired sanitization is done in warehouses.
  • All warehouses where Colorbar products are stocked are disinfected / fumigated to make the facility virus-free.
  • In transit also all precautionary measures are taken to keep the shipment safe from Virus.

Workers at Warehouse

  • Mandatory for workers to wear masks and gloves while they are at work.
  • All workers mandatorily wash their hands and sanitize them before entering the warehouse facility.
  • Body temperature is being taken at the entrance of warehouse for all workers.
  • No worker is allowed to work in premises if he is not well or suffering from any symptoms of cough/cold/fever. He is advised to visit hospital and take necessary rest and medication.
  • Any working condition, including canteen and break areas which are potentially leading to a distance between people lesser than 1 meter, have been eliminated. The Lunch breaks and Tea breaks timings are also divided for different teams so that spacing is maintained.
  • Cancelling all the visits/audits on sites which are not absolutely necessary.
  • Hand shakes and hugging is strictly prohibited in the warehouses.

Colorbar products are manufactured in the top manufacturing facilities in the world. Our manufacturing partners are duly taking utmost precautions while manufacturing products for Colorbar, as stated in advisory by WHO.

Sharing some measures taken -

  • The Facilities -
    • Companies have obtained certificate of operations by respective govt of their nations before starting their facilities.
    • Before starting the operations, govt officials pay a visit to the facility and do a complete inspection on whether all preventive measures are being followed before, during and after production.
    • All factories where Colorbar products are manufactured are fumigated to make the facility virus-free.
  • Precautions for workers
    • Mandatory for workers to wear body suits inside the factory.
    • Body temperature is being taken every 2 hours. Picture attached of equipment
    • All workers working inside the production room, have to wash and sterilize hands with alcohol once every hour.
    • Any working condition, including canteen and break areas which are potentially leading to a distance between people lesser than 1 meter, have been eliminated.
    • Workers from the epicentre of the outbreak, are not yet allowed to come back to work.
    • All current workers have undergone self-isolation and lockdown at home for over 14 days before joining work.
    • Before their joining, workers have to get certificate of their health. Only workers with good-health conditions are allowed to enter the premises.
  • Steps for transit
    • All international vessels are being quarantined
    • They are kept in outer anchorage till completion of 14 days from the day of dispatch from last international port.
    • Complete shipping crew is checked for medical logs and taken a medical declaration. Only then vessel is declared healthy or suspected as the case may be.
  • Precautions at Customs
    • All the shipments received at PORTs are being fumigated before de-stuffing mandatorily as a regulation issued by Government under the epidemic declared by WHO due to Corona Virus.
    • Due precautions are also being taken while shipment is shifted from customs to our warehouses.
    • Shipment by sea is virus free by virtue of lead time in Sea transit which is 20 days to 40 days normally.
    • All the WHO guidelines are being followed at Sea Ports as well as Air ports for all shipments that are being imported and stored in Ports for clearance.

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