Colorbar 1001 Nail Lacquer Range


Colorbar is bringing your dreams to life with an inimitable game-changer in the nail category with our 1001 Nail Lacquer Range. We understand that you are the queen of your makeup collection and can never have enough nail paint, just like you can never have enough lipstick or eyeshadow. Choose from an exciting selection of 19 shade families that happily dance with natural light, unleashing their inherently smooth and limitless shine. What’s your mood today? Passionate Red and Crimson. Poetic Coral, Pink and Lilac. Intriguing Mauve and Plum. Feisty Gold. Mysterious Grey or Silver. Vibrant bursts of Orange and Yellow. Soothing Blue and Green. Timeless tones of Black and White. Pristine touches of Nude. With the 1001 Nail Lacquer Range, your beauty is as powerful as you have ever wanted it to be, for you can give into every instinct and discover why different colors speak to you in different moods.

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