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2022 is here, and along with it, our commitment to making a Sustainable World has only gotten stronger. In this Edition of Trend Talk by Colorbar, we take the opportunity to bring light to the efforts and initiatives we have undertaken to fulfill this mission and how these reflect in our products and direction. There is also a glimpse of what Pure Sustainable Fashion can look like, curated by the upcoming Fashion geniuses from the School of Fashion Design, LPU. While you are at it, do not forget to check out the brand new collection of eco-friendly clothing, 'Indigo Amour'.

Also featured; is our brand new Vita Hemp range, and how we unlocked the secret of the Hemp Plant to include all its benefits in our formula! And then there’s also our new launch that will catch your attention! The Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer is a step towards getting to our initiative of being closer to nature. But this isn’t all of it, because we have also got something for the lovebirds out there in the form of a perfectly curated list of colors that are perfect for Valentine’s Day! And, to get you all wrapped for 2022, we’ve also got all the trends that are going to peak this year! This issue of Trend Talk has all that you need to get geared up and own 2022!

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